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The name Mellow originates from a childhood nickname given to the owner by his family and friends as it was a fair reflection to his personality.  This was carried through to adulthood and as part of his business name that was bestowed upon him and is now a representation of his company that he is extremely proud of. After working as a qualified chef for more than 15 years, managing and working in some of the West Midlands’ top restaurants and hotels, he decided to pursue his dreams of having his own restaurant.

Mellow’s Bar and Restaurant is a modern infused restaurant with a authentic taste of the Caribbean. All our food is cooked freshly to order on the day, to suit your requirements.

New York, New York
“#Selflove means treating yourself with compassion and respect, like you would treat someone you love,” says Claudia Romano (@claudiadoodles), who works at an education nonprofit by day… and doodles by night. “I became interested in self-care after graduating from college and feeling burnt out in my first full-time job in a new city,” says the 23-year-old who lives in NYC. “Drawing and painting are a big part of how I practice self-care.”
Head to today’s story to check out the story templates Claudia created to help us prep for #ValentinesDay. “I hope people will take a minute to think about how self-love and self-care show up in their lives!” she says.
Art by @claudiadoodles
Antelope Canyon
Matt Smith ( and his girlfriend Emily found love in a rocky place. The couple visited Arizona to take in the state’s natural beauty with their own eyes, but some things were impossible to see. “You can’t really see this love heart with the naked eye, but when you look through the camera lens it comes to life,” says Matt of his heart-shaped discovery. #WHP❤️
Photo by
Canadian photographer Brayden Hall (@braybraywoowoo) titled this image, “Beauty and the Beast.” “Obviously, Milk Face is the beauty,” Brayden says, describing the majestic reindeer he visited at a Finnish sledding ranch.
Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, Milk Face is not shy about showing affection. #WHP❤️
Photo by @braybraywoowoo
Open your heart, rain or shine. Using a drone, filmmaker Nacho Rodríguez (@naseke) took a video himself opening up a heart-shaped umbrella, and then used editing software to create this scene: a choreographed display of love worth celebrating. “I like the fusion of red with the blue of the sea, the shape of a heart that is born and beats full of life,” Nacho says.
Follow along as we share more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHP❤️.
Video by @naseke
Dallas, Texas
For Tess and Sarah Behannon (@tess_and_sarah), #ValentinesDay is always a sister, sister event. 👭 “We always spend it together,” Sarah says. “We will just go out to lunch and maybe go shopping.”
The twins from Dallas, Texas, share a lot of things, including a love for travel and photography. “We both love to take pictures of literally everything,” Sarah says. “I love to edit them after I take them,” adds Tess. “It’s always my favorite part.”
As far as the best part about being twins? “Always having someone you can trust,” Tess says.
💕 It’s time to spend a lovely day with Tess and Sarah, right now on our story. 💕
Photo by @tess_and_sarah
Los Angeles, California
As a painter, Annabell Penelope Lee (@annabell.p.lee) didn’t want her art to be hung up and forgotten. “I wanted my friends to wear my paintings,” says the 25-year-old artist from Los Angeles, “for them to be active and used.” So, Annabell started making clothes, a natural shift since she started sewing at 13.
Colorful, checkered and eye-catching, these hand-painted garments sure make a statement, but they are designed to be extremely wearable. “I want to make clothing that is visually striking, but comfortable to wear,” she says. “Usually, after I make a pattern, I wear the sample around to make sure it is comfortable.”
See more of her looks, today on our story.
Photo by @annabell.p.lee
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHP❤️
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so this weekend the challenge is to share photos and videos with lots of heart. Take inspiration from this featured photo by Eric (@zericiphone) and incorporate love in any of its many forms, emoji or otherwise. 🥰 Here’s how to get started:
❣️Get close and candid. Capture a tender moment between partners, friends, family, pets or everyone together. Some wonderful examples include a kiss in the park, a puppy and a newborn taking a nap or a father-daughter dance.
❣️Find a sweet gesture. Big love can show up in small ways. Find those precious gestures of love in everyday life, like a thoughtful note, a sibling making breakfast for the family or neighbors teaming up to rescue a cat from a tree.
❣️Look for love signs. Heart-shaped clouds. Grandma making a hand heart. Abstract love depicted in artwork. Keep an eye out for love symbols and signs in unexpected places.
PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHP❤️ hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. By adding the #WHP❤️ hashtag, you consent to and grant Instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #WHP❤️ hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.
Featured photo by @zericiphone
Two years ago, Robbie Cook first made mandala magic with his intricate designs. ☸️ The process proved to be a powerful creative outlet for the artist from Leeds, England. “When creating a mandala, I always measure out the angles and draw the lines to the millimeter to ensure as much symmetry as possible,” says Robbie. “It’s kind of obsessive... but I love it. I have a few other obsessive tendencies, so having an outlet for them, and getting something down on paper, is super therapeutic.”
See more of Robbie’s art, today on IGTV and our story.
Photo by
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