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The name Mellow originates from a childhood nickname given to the owner by his family and friends as it was a fair reflection to his personality.  This was carried through to adulthood and as part of his business name that was bestowed upon him and is now a representation of his company that he is extremely proud of. After working as a qualified chef for more than 15 years, managing and working in some of the West Midlands’ top restaurants and hotels, he decided to pursue his dreams of having his own restaurant.

Mellow’s Bar and Restaurant is a modern infused restaurant with a authentic taste of the Caribbean. All our food is cooked freshly to order on the day, to suit your requirements.

Cannes, French Riviera, France
#Cannes you believe it? Sundy Jules (@sundyjules) sure can’t. The 20-year-old French creator is at the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. “I’m excited for everything,” Sundy says. “The films, the beach, the parties, hanging out with my friends, but definitely mostly excited for the films.”
Do you know how to say “walk the red carpet” in French? 🤔 Find out from Sundy in a little quiz we like to call #GameOn, on our story now.
Choreographers Shivani Bhagwan (@shivanibhagwan) and Chaya Kumar (@chayakumar) are the brains behind BFunk (@bfunk). “BFunk stands for the two styles of dance that we teach: BhangraFunk and BollyFunk,” explains Shivani. “It’s a fusion between elements of our western upbringing and our eastern roots,” explains Chaya. “Our heritage is woven through every fiber of our work. Dance is not a recreation in India; it’s a part of our culture. It’s a means of celebration. It’s a means of storytelling. It’s a means of communication.”
According to Shivani, “#APAHeritageMonth is wonderful because it promotes education, drives conversation and builds awareness, and that is the birthplace for growth.”
Photo of @bfunk by @pavithraphotos
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hello, world. Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Alex (@alexthehonkingbird), a 20-year-old cockatiel from Brisbane, Australia, and a head-bangin’ rock star. 🤘 “I never expected thousands of people all around the world would become fans of my birds,” says Annika Howells, who also looks after Alex’s son Dominic, a xylophone player. Rock on!
Video by @alexthehonkingbird
See what filming the music video for Lil Nas X’s (@lilnasx) hit song #OldTownRoad was all about. And yes, there was some ridin’ on a 🐴, HA.
Brooklyn, New York
For most dogs, having to wear a medical collar is not typically a good look. This ongoing “Cone of Shame” (#coneofshame) photo project set out to change that. “I wanted to take that sad moment and twist it into something beautiful and majestic — to take the shame out of the cone,” says Winnie Au (@winniewow), who photographed various dogs wearing custom sculptural cones created by costume designer Marie-Yan Morvan (@marieyan). “These dogs have not recently had surgeries,” Winnie adds. “They were all dogs photographed in good health who were comfortable wearing a cone.”
Winnie is currently selling prints of the project and donating a portion of the proceeds to Animal Haven’s Recovery Road Fund (@animalhaven) for rescue dogs in need of urgent help, “so that all the dogs of the world can get the medical care they need and wear their cones proudly,” Winnie says. Check out more pups who proudly turned their cones of shame into a fashion statement, today on our story.
Photo by @winniewow
Bergamo, Italy
You’re invited to this glitter party in Bergamo, Italy. (No vacuum required.) Federica Zamponi (@floreal.slimes) is a 17-year-old slime-maker who uses glitter — and lots of it — to make sparkly holographic unicorn goo. 🦄 ✨
Tune in to our story and IGTV channel right now to fully experience the ASMR sounds of glitter.
Video by @floreal.slimes
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Last food orders: 8:30pm

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Last food orders: 8:30pm


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t: 0121 688 7000


57 Grosvenor St W, Birmingham B16 8HJ